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Get Strong in Mind, Body & Spirit with other Witches, Geeks, and Weirdos.

  • Have you ever felt like other people got the instruction manual for life and you missed out?
  • Would you like to have a better relationship with your body?
  • Do you want access to tools that support your mind, body, & spirit wellness?


I'm Alys Trunzo (They/Them); a Queer Neurodivergent (Autism & ADHD) Witch. I have a Master's Degree in Holistic Health Education supported by certifications for Health Coaching, Personal Training & Group Fitness. 

I'm a creative "outside the box" thinker and love finding the ways to connect what I've learned to methods that help people understand themselves. 

I help clients build trust in their bodies, utilize their creative magic, and confidently integrate wellness habits for long term thriving. 

The sessions are highly personalized, sometimes it's ritual or divination, other times it's strength training and mobility exercises. Sometimes it's all of that, and more. 

Why a Wellness Witch?

‚ÄúAs above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul‚Ķ‚Ä̬† Hermes Trismegistus¬†

I am a Rebel and a Seeker who has found structure and meaning in the seasons of the year and the elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit. I also believe that within our individual body is an ecosystem that can teach us about how to best support our needs. 

As we learn to tend to the inner ecosystem we understand how we want to show up in the world. 

Values & Mission

Witch Way Wellness was created as an inclusive LGBTQ+, body affirming space designed to uplift the experiences of those who have felt "othered" in traditional fitness spaces. 

Your health journey is your own, you are worthy of loving and accepting your body. You deserve to enjoy moving your body in ways that are comfortable, safe, and without shame. You have the right to fitness training without pressure to lose weight, diet, or achieve a particular body shape.

In an industry that is focused on outward looks, we focus on how you feel, the quality of your life, building consistent habits, and provide support as you develop confidence in your abilities.

When you work with me there are no body measurements, no scales, no judgements about food, no food diaries, and no before and after photos (unless you want that).

We work together  because you are committed to developing a healthy relationship with your body, with food, and/or with fitness. We approach your goals from a place of kindness and curiosity. I will recommend modifications for injuries, disability, illness, or anything else life throws your way.

Witch Way Wellness is committed to addressing and making reparations for the harm caused by systemic racism and social injustice. 

This platform and it's programs are created with the intention to divest from deeply entrenched messages found in fitness and wellness spaces that continue to cause harm to body, mind and spirit.

"Working with Witch Way Wellness has been helping me rebuild my relationship with movement. Instead of punishing myself or using exercise to earn food or rest, I'm enjoying movement for the sole purpose of moving my body."

Emily Frost

Wellness Witch Services & Programs

Align your wellness practices with your beliefs and values.

1:1 Personal Training & Wellness Coaching

Reshape your relationship with your body by enjoying body-affirming movement practices for developing strength and mobility. Each fitness class is taught from a Health at Every Size (HAES) perspective, free from the toxic language of fitness and diet culture. 

Every body is welcome.

Book Your 1:1 Session

Witch Way Wellness Online Programs

Align your wellness habits with your Spiritual Self with a variety of self-paced programs with the opportunity to join in quarterly community virtual events. 

Topics include physical fitness,  mindfulness, and spiritual support practices. 

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